What is Nesting Software?


In the ever-increasing technological world, relying on automation can change the way you do business. This is especially true in the world of metal fabrication, where precision rules and software can help you get things done in the most effective way possible.  New advances in nesting software in recent years have made it possible to increase productivity immensely in a number of ways.

One major way that having the right, advanced nesting software can help benefit your business is by increasing the effectiveness of material utilization. Nesting software can find the most effective way to nest parts to reduce waste while accounting for several factors that affect the nesting process. Specifically, good nesting software is particularly good at determining where to implement common-line cutting. Cutting parts that share a common edge from a piece of metal can save on time, energy, and scrap, thereby reducing the overall cost of cutting. Efficient nesting software accounts for things such as heat distortion and placement of lead-in and lead-out so the parts that you produce shouldn’t need much if any rework after initial cutting. Your software should also deliver the most efficient cutting paths and pierces to save on cutting cycle time and reduce wear and tear on nozzles by minimizing pierces.  

Nesting software can save you labor costs as well. The software can calculate the best way to nest cutting processes in a fraction of the time it would take a programmer. It can also do things like track work orders and inventory, so you save labor that would otherwise have been spent trying to keep track of material stock. The more advanced software can also keep track of which parts go to which order, saving employees time on trying to sort parts after they are cut.

You have multiple machines and steps in the process of fabricating certain parts, so you need to be able to control all parts of the process smoothly and efficiently. Your software should be able to separate all the individual parts of the process, determine the most efficient means of producing the part, and then schedule the work. This will allow your programmers to schedule for multiple machines in less time and get more work done faster. Advanced nesting software allows you to be more precise about the materials that you have on hand as well. You can save on material inventory costs by not overstocking and reducing material waste.

Effective manufacturing in today’s world should be a more automated process than not, based on the technological resources we can depend on to lessen our workload. Nesting software can do in minutes what would otherwise take many man hours to effectively compile. Simple straight-line parts might seem easy enough to nest by hand, but more often than not you will be working with product designs that require more finesse than just lining straight edges up against each other. An advanced software program could be invaluable to your business saving you time and money in production, improving turnaround time for projects and therefore furthering your company’s reputation for efficient, reliable work.