The 2018 Tornado Chili Cook-Off!

Chili judges are envious…

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That’s right!  The chili judges didn’t hide their desire for a great taste and a nontraditional look by voting “Green with Envy” (#16) as the winning chili.  The judges, of course, were all of those that attended the 12th Annual Tornado Chili Cook-Off last Friday.   Judging this year was a tall order as we had a very competitive field of 20 chilis.

The winning chef was first year entrant, Bonnie Brihan, owner of Bonnie B Photography (  Not only did Bonnie’s chili have a great taste, but it was one of the healthier recipes.  Bonnie says “Use organic and non-processed ingredients whenever possible. They taste better, will save you from a myriad of health issues and literally have more nutrients than non-organic.  Been cooking non-processed for 5 years, never looked back.”

Bonnie shares her winning recipe here.

The top five chilis were:

1st – “Green with Envy” (#16), Bonnie Brihan

2nd – “Buckeye Beast” (#20), Mark Roshon

3rd Tie – “Tailgate Chili” (#18), Tony DiFiore

3rd Tie – “Hormel from Hell” (#4), Todd Niec

5th – “A Certain Ethnic Chili” (#11)

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Thank-you for your donations toward Habitat for Humanity (  Total donations plus a matching donation by Tornado came to $250.   This will be donated to the Lake-Geauga Chapter. This is a great program that provides affordable housing but is not a handout as homeowners are required to put in “sweat equity” toward their homes as well as pay a mortgage.   My father has been very active in the Firelands (Norwalk & Sandusky area) for well over 20 years and is currently working on his 102nd house.  

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Please let me know if there are improvements and/or changes that you would like to see for 2019.  


Mark Roshon