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KPI Tracking

Tornado Technologies’ team of professionals is well known for delivering a multitude of solutions to the tough high tech challenges that businesses throughout the Greater Cleveland
Metropolitan Area frequently have. We help our clients track and/or acquire KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) so they can measure their performance and focus on improving those

Additionally having convenient methods of displaying or accessing these KPI’s help keep the entire team on the same page. Measurements can be collected from multiple systems, devices, or locations. Tornado Technologies will craft a solution that best fits your specific situation.


Tornado Technologies also puts forward data tracking and performance tracking that will ensure accurate and efficient results. There are a many uses for tracking that give our clients the ability to see, firsthand, whether a specific strategy works or not, and it presents them with the opportunity to better monitor the data’s impact on their company’s business and revenue. Data tracking can offer companies indispensable insight into operational trends and areas of
improvement. Performance tracking can be used as a management system that can track employees’ performance within a company. One of its objectives is to quantify whether your employees are successfully fulfilling the strategic objectives of your business. All three tools – KPI tracking, data tracking, and performance tracking benefit a company by helping it maintain
its competitive edge in today’s marketplace.

KPI Tracking | Data Tracking | Performance Tracking

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