We help businesses increase revenue, efficiency, and value with software.

We are the leading software development company in Northeastern Ohio.

Why Choose Us

We've worked with small and large companies since 1996 and have successfully completed over 950 projects in a variety of industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, engineering and professional services. 

Our goal is to help your business increase your profit margin by allowing quicker decisions, increasing quality and production while reducing data processing time and raw material usage. Our skilled team has used over 40 different programming languages and 15 databases. 


New Revenue Stream

Created a new application for a job training business that previously only provided training via in-person seminars.


New Product Development

Developed new mobile app to interface with a new test system for a science equipment provider.


System Integration

Integrated new ERP system with existing order entry portals for uninterrupted operations.


Improved Material Optimization

Increased material yield 2-3 percent with no loss of throughput by optimizing machine cutting algorithms.


Reduced Staffing Expenses

Allowed client to eliminate in-house salaried positions by providing maintenance and support for multiple in-house applications.


Automate Data Entry

Eliminated several hours per week of manual data entry (and data entry errors) by utilizing a custom application.

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