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Push Notifications

Tornado Technologies provides its customers with a range of notification or message applications that deliver messages when their audience needs to be notified. Everyone is familiar with a variety of low-tech notifications that have been around for a very long time – doorbells, telephones, police cars’ sirens, storm warning sirens, the sound your oven timer makes, the beeping of a thermometer, and even the clicking of a turn signal. There are now high-tech notifications that we hear or feel (as in a vibration) when we deal with smartphones and computer technology.  The three most common notifications are:

  • Push Notifications
  • Text Notifications
  • Alert Notifications

Push notifications are received by an app that has been downloaded to your phone. You must have the app to receive them, and they often appear on the screen of your phone. They may be accompanied by a sound. Your calendar creates push notifications to remind you of an appointment or an upcoming event. Both a visual and a sound notification are effective means of ensuring a person does not miss an important message. If your phone is muted, your push notifications can come as a vibration. Push notifications are a way in which you can update customers or alert them to special sales events, special offers, and many more announcements. However, they are an ineffective means if the customer does not have your particular software operating on their mobile device.

Text notifications are brief, two-way text messages that are sent by businesses to either employees or customers providing them with essential information. It allows for the receiver to respond to the sender especially when a confirmation or immediate reply is vital. You do not need an app installed to receive text notifications. They can also be used to make announcements to customers like a push notification would.

Alert notifications are time sensitive, machine-to-person communications that can help individuals keep up with information that is of the greatest importance to them. They are generated from a software program that is set up on the sending end to then send real-time alerts to people on the receiving end. All three of these notifications can help people keep up-to-date on critical information, as well as being a means to provide help and assistance to them in an emergency. Regardless of the notifications you need, Tornado Technologies has the knowledge and expertise to assist you in utilizing these beneficial technologies. You will be capable of not only achieving the best and highest level of communication with your company’s employees, but so you will also be able to interact effectively with your customers on multiple different levels. 

Push Notifications | Text Notifications | Alert Notifications

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