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Web Development Company CEO Mark Roshon

Founder & CEO

Mark Roshon

Tornado Technologies was founded more than 20 years ago by Mark Roshon.

Mark’s vision was to create a custom software company that used software as a means to make his clients lives easier, save them money and perform projects better. Mark is accompanied by Team Tornado who develops and delivers high quality custom software, custom mobile apps and legacy software updates for their clients.   

A few of Mark's skills include:

IT Geek Translator, Entrepreneur Sherpa, Productivity Specialist, and Client Team Member

General Manager

Tom Loya

Tom's Skills

  • Database Architecting & Implementation
  • Complex and Near-Impossible Problem Solving & Handling
  • Industrial Machine Interfaces & HMI Programming
  • Code Monkeying, Using Many Different Languages

Senior Software Developer

Jeremy Loveridge

Jeremy's Skills

  • Xamarin Development Ninja
  • Mobile Application Development (iOS, Android)
  • API Integration Specialist
  • Web Application Coder

Director of IT

Kurt Metzler

Kurt's Skills

  • Bridge between the IT and Developer Worlds
  • Understand Need for Industry Standards & ‘MacGyver Solutions’
  • Local or Cloud Hosted Solutions
  • Code Once, Deploy Many – Platform Independence

Chief Technical Officer

Todd Niec

Todd's Skills

  • Systems Design Architect
  • Automated Testing Guru
  • Profound Technical Communication Skills
  • Fountain of Youth Software Design & Implementation

Our Values

Passion for our work
Work life balance

Experienced Competency Delivered

Tornado Technologies has had the privilege to be involved with and complete more than 950 projects over the past 24 years. Tornado Team members have been with the company for an average of more than 12 years and are passionate about what we do!

  • Our client relationships are strong, long-term partnerships, and we are proud to have little staff or client turnover.
  • As a way to celebrate these relationships, we host the annual “Tornado Chili Cook-off”
  • Each year hundreds of our clients and business partners get together with our staff to enjoy some wonderful food, network and get to know each other better.

Check out some archives of past Chili Cookoffs!

Tony DiFiore
2012 Chili Cookoff Winner! 
Jeremy Loveridge
2017 Chili Cookoff Winner! 
Bill Botkin
2021 Chili Cookoff Winner! 
Scott Claridge
2016 Chili Cookoff Winner! 
Alex Desberg
2019 Chili Cookoff Winner!
Beau Woodward
2022 Chili Cookoff Winner!

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