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Little Hearts Catering - A Case Study for Custom Software

In 2017, the owners of Little Hearts Catering in Northeast Ohio found themselves at a financial crossroad. A catering service dedicated to supplying meals to daycares in the area, Little Hearts kept falling behind – struggling to meet their orders efficiently and on-time, losing track of orders as their clients’ needs changed, and constantly pitching hundreds of dollars of prepared food as waste.

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How Simple Apps Can Increase Productivity

The advent of the smart phone has been a game-changer for anybody who values their productivity. People use productivity apps constantly, including to-do lists, timers and alarms, organization apps, and even apps that can lock or limit some of your phone's less productive features, like social media or games.

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What is Nesting Software?

In the ever-increasing technological world, relying on automation can change the way you do business. This is especially true in the world of metal fabrication, where precision rules and software can help you get things done in the most effective way possible.  New advances in nesting software in recent years have made it possible to increase productivity immensely in a number of ways.

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