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Software Geeks vs. 100 Mile Ultra Marathon, Who Will Win?

You might be surprised to see custom software programmers in one room together that isn’t a computer lab. You may also be surprised to know that each of these programmers are about to run 25 miles a piece in a race called the Burning River Endurance Runs & Relay.

Besides being software geeks, these men (Mark, Zach, Dan and Tom) are trained ultra marathon runners who voluntarily signed up for a 25 mile relay on a hot summer day.  This race can be run several ways including the solo 100 miles, 50 miles, 4 person or 8 person relay. The Tornado team opted for the 4 person relay where each runner would run a 25 mile leg and hand off to the next person.

Race day was a blast! Each runner exceeded their expectations and their relay time result was: 20:57:09. Tornado in it for the long run!

We decided to capture the fun of the race and wanted to share the ultra run experience with you. Check out our short version video! Liked the short version and want more? Check out the extended version here!

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