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Tornado technologies was founded more than 20 years ago by Mark Roshon.

Mark’s vision for the business was to create a company that would enable clients to access and utilize the power of well-developed software.

To achieve his vision, Mark developed an interactive process which actively encourages the engagement of clients in all phases of the development cycle.

This process keeps the focus on understanding what is most important to the client, and developing and implementing solutions the clients truly envision and need.

This process begins with an exploratory meeting(s) where both Tornado Technologies and the client discuss and articulate the objectives for the project; with an emphasis on having real clarity on the long term vision.

Core to this is identifying what the problem(s) are, and why solving them is important.

Because there are typically multiple objectives, they are prioritized so that the focus is on addressing the most important challenges or opportunities first.

Tornado Technologies Interactive Software Development Process

Once the scope of the work is defined, Tornado Technologies engages clients in brainstorming sessions to explore different options.

This, in turn, these sessions lead to the generation of a formal definition of the scope of work to be done.

Each step in the process clearly defines the measurable objective established for each phase.

Completion of and sign-off on each phase is required prior to the next phase being initialized.

The value and success of this “iterative process” are clearly demonstrated by the fact more than 95% of clients, for whom Tornado Technologies has developed software solutions, have returned for additional projects.

Mark and his team believe that writing software is “cool”, and they are equally passionate about solving problems. The more challenging the problem, the more intrigued and excited they are to solve it.

Experienced Competency Delivered

Tornado Technologies has had the privilege to be involved with and complete more than 700 projects over the past 20 years.

These solutions include but are not limited to:

• Building “bridges” which permit legacy software systems to communicate with newly purchased production machinery controlled by software several generations removed from the legacy system

• Designing material optimization algorithms to reduce material waste for Fortune 100  companies

• Helping hospitals minimize patient wait times and improve customer satisfaction scores

• Building user-friendly dashboards and data analysis tools

• Helping individuals or businesses with “the next breakthrough mobile app” to make their dream a marketable product


We at Tornado Technologies would like to add you to our list of satisfied clients. 

The Tornado Technologies team members have been with the company for an average of more than 12 years and are passionate about what we do!

Our client relationships are strong, long-term partnerships, and we are proud to have little staff or client turnover. As a way to celebrate these relationships, we host the annual “Tornado Chili Cook-off”, where each year hundreds of our clients and business partners get together with our staff to enjoy some wonderful food, network and get to know each other better. 

If you have a problem or an opportunity that can be addressed by leveraging the power of properly designed and/or developed software, we look forward to meeting with you.



Everyone on our team has completed many hours of training giving them the skills they need to help with your project.


Whether it's a simple data move or a complete security and remote connection package, you'll be able to trust the experts at Tornado Technologies.



With years of experience and over 700 completed projects under our belt, the Tornado team knows exactly what it takes to help you with your next software/hardware project.


We even have several areas of specialty where we are unmatched!



We've been developing software for our customers for over 20 years so we know what it takes.


Our excellent track record means we're trust worthy and you know when you choose Tornado Technologies, we will do it right!